Experiential Prototyping Case Study: A Mobile Music System
MFA Media Design Thesis @ Art Center College of Design

How do we design for an "INFOLUST" world where "THE INTERNET OF THINGS" spills into our material world?

I created this project for my MFA thesis in Media Design at Art Center College of Design entitled "Experiential Prototyping", which consists of a collection of projects that explore new ways of using interaction and physical computing to invent and prototype the experiences of new interactive technology-driven products and services. The final project is an innovative personal mobile music device that uses gesture-based movements to mix, share, customize, and sync music. The experience of using the device and all the components that it interacts with (such as a web and cell phone application) was built into an interactive touchscreen that animated user-based stories that directly interacted with the device so you can watch how the characters use it and experience it for yourself.

Experiential Prototypes use sensors, microprocessors, display interfaces and tangible objects to quickly and cheaply "sketch" the experiences of new and innovative technology-driven products and services. The method is a new way to design our technology driven future that will incorporate ubiquitous, mobile, and wireless technology that is seamlessly integrated into our material world. Experiential Prototypes provide a way to test out and focus on the experiences of the potentially complex systems before pouring resources into developing their technology architectures and the many components that make up these new systems. It's a way to invent and design for our future technology-driven products and services toward more successful solutions made for the real people who will use them.




Case Study: Mobile Music
Blank Devices

Thesis Paper (pdf)
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April 2006
"Experiential Prototyping" Wins bronze at the 5th Annual Horizon Interactive Awards

April 2006
"Experiential Prototyping" featured on Netdiver.net

March 9 , 2006
"Experiential Prototyping" is selected and published in the Media Design gallery.

Feb 8, 2006
Selected to participate in the Openroom at the Post-Digital Creation Conference (OFFF).

Jan 19, 2006
Presented "Experiential Prototyping" to the research labs at Sun Microsystems in Silicon Valley.

Jan 11, 2006
BusinessWeek Online: Design Gets Its Due in Davos

Feb/Mar 2006
Article in Dwell Magazine titled "Thinking Design" regarding an interview with IDEO's David Kelley and his ideas on methodologies leading to innovation. "From aesthetics to economics to education, says David Kelley of Stanford University’s d.school, it’s time for each of us to think like a designer."

Dec 15, 2006
Public presentation of Experiential Prototyping in Art Center College of Design's LAT auditorium.